养老院英语(养老院老人自学英语nursing home)


养老院英语(养老院老人自学英语nursing home)

养老杂文 2022年8月27日 639

1. Good morning! 早上好!

2. Good afternoon! 下午好!

3. Good evening! 晚上好!

4. —How are you?

—I’m fine, thanks. / I m OK.


——我很好,谢谢。 / 我还不错。

5. —What’s this / that in English?

—It’s a / an …

——这个 / 那个用英语怎么说?


6. Spell it, please. 请拼写它。

7. —What color is it?

—It’s …



Unit 1

Section A

1. I’m … 我是……

2. Are you …? 你是……吗?

3. He / She is … 他 / 她是……

4.—Nice to meet you.

—Nice to meet you, too.



5. —What’s your / his / her name?

—My / His / Her name is …

——你 / 他 / 她叫什么名字?

——我 / 他 / 她叫……


Section B

1. first name 名字

2. last name 姓

3. in China 在中国

4. ID card 学生卡

5. Is this your number?


6. —What’s your telephone / phone number?

—It’s …



Unit 2

Section A

1. family photos 家庭照片

2. This is / That is / These are / Those are …

这是 / 那是 / 这些是 / 那些是……

3. Who’s she / he? 她 / 他是谁?

4. Who are they? 他们是谁?

5. Have a good day! 祝你过得愉快!

6. I see. 我知道了。

Section B

1. two nice photos of …两张……的漂亮照片

2. in the first photo 在第一张照片里

3.in the next picture 在下一张照片 / 图片里

4. in my family 在我的家庭里

5. a photo of my family 我家的一张全家福

6. Here is / are …这是……;这(儿)有……

7. … is the name of ………是……的名字


Unit 3

Section A

1. excuse me 劳驾;请原谅

2. pencil box 文具盒;铅笔盒

3. thank you 谢谢你

4. thank sb. for sth. 因为……而感谢某人

5. It’s mine. 它是我的。

6. They’re his / hers. 它们是他 / 她的。

7. What about …? ……怎么样 / 如何 / 好吗?

8. You’re welcome. 别客气。

9.—Is this / that your …?

—Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

——这是 / 那是你的……吗?

——是的,它是。/ 不,它不是。

10. —Are these your …?

—No, they aren’t.



Section B

1. ID card 学生卡;身份证

2. computer game 电脑玩具;电脑游戏

3. in the school library 在学校图书馆

4. ask … for … 请求;恳求(给予)

5. e-mail sb. at+邮箱地址 给某人发电子邮件到……

6. phone number 电话号码

7. call sb. 给某人打电话

8. call sb. at +电话号码 拨打电话号码……找某人

9. a set of 一组;一套;一副

10. How do you spell it? 你如何拼写它?




Unit 1

Section A

play chess 下国际象棋

speak English 说英语

play the guitar 弹吉他

join the English / art / music / chess / swimming / story telling club

参加英语 / 美术 / 音乐 / 国际象棋 / 游泳 / 讲故事俱乐部 / 社团

be good at … 擅长于……

tell / write stories 讲 / 写故事

school show 学校表演

talk to … 和……说

do kung fu 练功夫

Let’s join now! 我们现在就参加吧!

Students wanted for … 为……招募学生

Section B

play the piano / violin / drums

弹钢琴 / 拉小提琴 / 敲鼓

talk with … 和……谈话

English-speaking students 说英语的学生

old people’s home 养老院

be free 有空的

be good with … 善于应付……的;对……有办法

make friends 交朋友

need sb. to do sth. 需要某人做某事

help (sb.) with sth. 在某方面帮助(某人)

Students’ Sports Center 学生体育活动中心

on the weekend 在周末

music festival 音乐节

Unit 2

Section A

get up 起床;站起

brush one’s teeth 刷牙

get dressed 穿上衣服

have / eat breakfast 吃早餐

take a shower 洗淋浴

radio station / show 广播电台 / 节目

at night 晚上

go to work 去上班

be late for work 上班迟到

on weekends (在)周末

best friend 最好的朋友

Section B

do (one’s) homework 做作业

clean one’s room 打扫房间

take a walk 散步;走一走

go home 回家

get home 到家

lots of 大量;许多

go to bed 上床睡觉

either … or … 要么……要么……;或者……或者……;不是……就是……

be good for … 对……有好处

taste good 尝起来不错

make breakfast 做早餐

Unit 3

Section A

get to 到达

take the train / bus / subway / boat

乘火车 / 公共汽车 / 地铁 / 船

by train / bus / subway / boat

乘火车 / 公共汽车 / 地铁 / 船

ride a bike / by bike 骑自行车

every day 每天

It takes sb. some time to do sth. 做某事花费某人多长时间。

walk to school(=go to school on foot) 步行上学

drive a / the / one’s car to work(=go to work by car) 开车去上班

I’m not sure. 我不确定。

How do you get to school? 你是怎么到学校的?

How long does it take …? ……要花费多长时间?

How far is it from … to …? 从……到……多远?

Section B

bus stop 公共汽车停靠站

bus / train / subway station 公共汽车 / 火车 / 地铁站

think of 认为;想起

cross the river to school 过河上学

It is easy to do sth. 做某事容易。

between … and … 在……和……之间

one 11-year-old boy 一个11岁的男孩

be afraid 害怕

be like … to sb. 对某人来说像……

come true 实现;成为现实

many of … ……中的许多

have to 不得不;必须

thanks for … 为……而感谢


Unit 1

❋ Section A ❋

go on vacation 去度假

go shopping 购物
go out 外出(娱乐)

buy sth. for sb.(= buy sb. sth.) 给某人买某物

go to summer camp 去夏令营

go to the beach 去海滩

go to the mountains 去爬山

keep a diary 记日记

long time no see 好久不见

most of the time 大多数时间

study for tests 备考

feed hens 喂母鸡

quite a few 相当多;不少

visit museums 参观博物馆

visit my uncle 拜访我叔叔

stay at home 待在家

taste good 尝起来不错

in the countryside 在乡下

Bye for now!再见了!

❋ Section B ❋

along the way 沿途

another two hours(= two more hours) 另外两个小时

because of 因为

the next day 第二天

feel like 给……的感觉;感受到

find out 查明;弄清

come up 升起

in the past 在过去

take photos 照相

too many people太多的人

try doing sth. 试着做某事

walk around 四处走走

arrive in(= get to) 到达

walk up to the top 走到顶部

rain hard 雨下得很大

bring back 带回来

jump up and down in excitement 兴奋地跳来跳去

learn something important 学一些重要的东西

have a fun time 过得很愉快;玩得非常开心

in the shopping center 在购物中心

keep doing sth. 继续做某事



have a cold / fever / nosebleed / stomachache / sore back / sore throat /

heart problem

感冒 / 发烧 / 流鼻血 / 胃痛 / 背疼 / 嗓子疼 / 有心脏病

take breaks / take a break 休息

right away 立即;马上

lie down 躺下

get into 陷入;参与

get off 下车

take one’s temperature 量体温

to one’s surprise


think twice 再三考虑

put some medicine on the cut


get an X-ray 做X光检查

in the same way 以相同的方式

agree to do sth. 同意做某事

thanks to 多亏;由于

in time 及时

fall down 突然倒下;跌倒;倒塌

❋ Section B ❋

be used to (doing) sth.


take risks / take a risk 冒险

run out (of sth.) 用完(某物)

cut off 切除

give up 放弃

get out of 离开;从……出来

be in control of 掌管;管理

rest for a few days 休息几天

get sunburned 晒伤

get hit on the head 头部受到撞击

have problems breathing 呼吸困难

get hit by a ball 被球击中

lose one’s life 失去生命

between a rock and a hard place


make a decision 做决定

save one’s life 救某人的命

Unit 2

❋ Section A ❋

clean up 打扫(或清除)干净

cheer up (使)变得更高兴;振奋起来

give out 分发;散发

put off 推迟

come up with


hand out 分发

care for 照顾;非常喜欢

call up 打电话给(某人);征召

used to 曾经……;过去……

try out 参加……选拔;试用

help out (帮助……)分担工作;解决难题

look of joy on one’s face


at the age of … 在……岁时

go on a different journey


by oneself 独自;单独

give up 放弃

a dream come true


volunteer to do sth. 自愿做某事

at the same time 同时

❋ Section B ❋

give away 赠送;捐赠

take after (外貌或行为)像

make a difference (to)


fix up 修理;装饰

be similar to 与……相像的、类似的

answer the telephone 接电话

at once 立刻;马上

set up 建起;设立

change my life 改变我的生活

disabled people 残疾人

be strong in 强项是……

do the volunteer job 做志愿工作

Unit 3

❋ Section A ❋

take out the rubbish 倒垃圾

all the time 频繁;反复 at least 至少

as soon as 一……就……

do the dishes 清洗餐具

sweep the floor 扫地

get a ride 搭便车

fold one’s clothes 叠衣服

make one’s bed 铺床

throw down 扔下

clean the living room 打扫客厅

go out for dinner 外出就餐

stay out late 在外呆到很晚

in surprise 惊讶地

do chores 做家务

have a basketball game 举行一场篮球赛

help out with sth. 帮助做某事

watch this show 看这个表演

take the dog for a walk 遛狗

pass me the salt 把盐递给我

lend me some money 借给我一些钱

❋ Section B ❋

in order to 目的是;为了

as a result 结果

depend on 依靠;信赖

fall ill 生病

take care of 照顾;处理

invite my friends to a party


a waste of time 浪费时间

spend … on …


get good grades 取得好成绩

get into a good university


provide sth. for sb. 给某人提供某物

mind doing sth. 介意做某事

develop one’s independence


teach them how to look after themselves


understand the idea of fairness


learn to be independent 学会独立

Unit 4

❋ Section A ❋

look through 快速查看;浏览

big deal 重要的事

work out 成功地发展;解决

get on with 和睦相处;关系良好

allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事

after-school classes 课外班

get into a fight 参与 / 卷入打架中

have a fight with … 与……打架

give sth. back 归还某物

be angry with sb. 生某人的气

refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事

offer to do sth. 提议或主动提出做某事

mind sb. doing sth. 介意某人做某事

communicate with sb. 和某人交流

copy one’s homework 抄某人的作业

be afraid of … 害怕……

speak in front of people


❋ Section B ❋

cut out 删除;删去

compare … with 比较;对比

in one’s opinion 依……看

compete with … 和……竞争

exam skills 考试技能

get into a good high school


have a quick dinner 迅速地吃晚饭

push sb. so hard 把某人逼得太紧

cause a lot of stress 造成许多压力

give sb. a lot of pressure


join after-school activities


from a young age 从很小的年龄起


Unit 1

Section A

make word cards 制作词卡

read the textbook 阅读课本

listen to tapes 听磁带

ask the teacher for help 求助老师

study for a test 备考

work with a group 小组合作

have conversations with friends 和朋友们谈话

read aloud 朗读

improve speaking skills 提高口语技能

give a report 作报告

a slow reader 一个阅读速度慢的人

get the main ideas 获取大意

at first 起初;开始

read word by word 逐字读

word groups 意群

be patient with sb. 对某人有耐心

It takes time. 这得花时间 / 这得慢慢来。

be afraid to do / of doing sth. 害怕做某事

poor pronunciation 发音不好

fall in love with … 爱上……

body language 身势语;肢体语言

the expression(s) on one’s face 某人脸上的表情

listen for the key words 留神听关键词

as well 也

the secret to … ……的秘诀

language learning 语言学习

It’s a piece of cake. 小菜一碟。

It serves you right. 你活该。

look up the word in a dictionary 在字典中查单词

take notes 记笔记

memorize sentence patterns 记忆句型

do grammar exercises 做语法练习

keep a diary in English 用英语记日记

Section B

increase reading speed 提高阅读速度

make mistakes in grammar 在语法方面犯错

be born with … 天生具有……

the ability to learn 学习的能力

depend on 取决于;依赖

learning habits 学习习惯

have … in common 有……共同之处

create an interest in … 对……产生兴趣

pay attention to 注意;关注

connect … with … 把……和……连接或联系起来

learn from mistakes 从错误中学习

think about 考虑

Use it or lose it. 非用即失。

Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

develop study skills 培养学习技能

write down 写下;记下

look for ways to review 寻找复习的方法

Knowledge comes from questioning. 知识源于质疑。

Unit 2

Section A

the Water Festival 泼水节

the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

the Spring Festival 春节

the Lantern Festival 元宵节

Mother’s Day 母亲节

Father’s Day 父亲节

a little too crowded 有点太拥挤

eat out 出去吃饭

put on five pounds 体重增加了5磅

Guess what? 你猜怎么着?

in two weeks 两周以后

the hottest month of the year 一年中最热的月份

be similar to 和……相似

the Dai people 傣族

throw water at each other 互相泼水

wash away bad things 洗去晦气

have good luck in the new year 在新的一年交好运

celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 庆祝中秋节

in the shape of a full moon 一轮满月的形状

on the Mid-Autumn night 在中秋节的晚上

traditional folk stories 传统民间故事

shoot down 射下

magic medicine 仙药

live forever 长生不老

plan to do sth. 计划做某事

refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事

lay out 摆开;布置

start the tradition of … 开始……的传统

admire the moon 赏月

Section B

trick or treat 不给糖就捣乱

light candles 点燃蜡烛

play a trick on sb. 捉弄某人

give sb. a treat 款待某人

dress up as cartoon characters 装扮成卡通人物

the true meaning of Christmas 圣诞节的真正含义

care about 关心;在意

make more money 赚更多的钱

Christmas Eve 平安夜

business partner 生意伙伴

warn sb. to do sth. 警告某人做某事

end up 最终成为;最后处于

expect sb. to do sth. 期待某人做某事

take him back to his childhood 把他带回到童年

remind sb. of sth. 提醒某人某事

wake up 叫醒

decide to do sth. 决定做某事

promise to do sth. 承诺做某事

celebrate Christmas with his relatives 和他的亲戚们一起庆祝圣诞节

give gifts to people in need 把礼物给需要的人

treat everyone with kindness and warmth 对待每一个人都充满善意和温暖

spread love and joy 传播爱和快乐

Unit 3

Section A

buy some stamps 买一些邮票

get to the bookstore 到书店

on one’s right / left 在某人的右边 / 左边

beside the bank 在银行旁边

turn right / left 右拐 / 左拐

between the flower store and the bookstore 在花店和书店之间

go past the bookstore 经过书店

be excited to do sth. 对做某事感到兴奋

try the rides 尝试乘骑项目

start with … 以……开始

need to do sth. 需要做某事

come on 快点儿

hold one’s hand 抓住某人的手

at first 首先;最初

get hungry 饿了

serve delicious food 提供美味的食物

on one’s way to … 在某人去……的路上

pass by 路过;经过

a rock band 一个摇滚乐队

walk up to sb. 向某人走去

come a little earlier 早点儿来

pardon me 抱歉,对不起;什么,请再说一遍

mail a letter 寄信

go east 朝东走

Section B

visit a foreign country 去国外游览

ask for help politely 礼貌地请求帮助

sound less polite / impolite 听起来不怎么礼貌 / 不礼貌

a direct question 一个直接的问题

in different situations 在不同的情况下

depend on 取决于

speak to sb. 和某人说话

school trip 学校旅行

such as 诸如

e-mail address 电子邮箱地址

lead in to a request 导入请求

spend time (in) doing sth. 花费时间做某事

trouble sb. 麻烦某人

communicate better with other people 更好地与他人交流

an underground parking lot 一个地下停车场

pass the salt 递一下盐

change some money 兑换一些钱

go on a short study vacation 去游学

an English-speaking country 一个讲英语的国家

in a rush 急忙地

on time 按时

Unit 4

Section A

have straight hair / curly hair 留着直发 / 卷发

be silent in class 在课堂上保持沉默

be interested in … 对……感兴趣

on a basketball team 在篮球队

from time to time 时常;有时

turn red 变红

get good scores on the exams 在考试中取得好成绩

wear glasses 戴着眼镜

take up singing 开始唱歌

deal with her shyness 克服她的羞怯

dare to do sth. 敢做某事

not … anymore 不再……

in front of crowds 在众人面前

all the time 频繁;反复

get tons of attention 被众人所关注;吸引无数目光

worry about … / be worried about …


be careful about … 对……小心

private time 私人时间

hang out with friends 和朋友们闲逛

give up your normal life 放弃你正常的生活

the road to success 成功之路

fight on 奋力坚持下去;继续战斗

require a lot of talent and hard work 需要很大的天赋和勤奋

make it to the top 成功;出人头地

give a speech 发表演讲

in public 公开地;在别人面前

Section B

be nervous about tests 考试紧张

do well in school 在学校表现好

cause problems 制造麻烦

move to the city 搬到城市

look for jobs 找工作

take care of sb. 照顾某人

miss his parents 想念他的父母

feel lonely and unhappy 感到孤独和不开心

influence his schoolwork 影响他的学业

be absent from classes 缺课;缺勤

fail his examinations 他的考试不及格

make the decision to do sth. 决定做某事

make friends 交朋友

leave the school 离开学校

advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事

in person 亲身;亲自

take a 24-hour train ride 乘坐24个小时的火车

even though 即使;虽然

think of sb. 想起某人

take pride in / be proud of 为……骄傲;为……感到自豪

become active in many other activities 在许多别的活动中变得积极

have a long talk 长谈

send sb. to a boarding school 将某人送到一所寄宿学校

Unit 5

Section A

be made of / from … 由……制成

be made in … 在……(地方 / 时间)制造

the art and science fair 艺术与科学博览会

environmental protection 环境保护

be known / famous / well-known for … 以……闻名;为人知晓

by hand 用手工;靠手做

be sent for processing 被送去加工

be good for … 对……有好处

no matter 不论;无论

in the local shops 在当地商店里

even though 即使;虽然

American brands 美国品牌

avoid doing sth. 避免做某事

in fact 确切地说;事实上;实际上

everyday things 日常用品

in the future 将来

high-technology products 高科技产品

the earth’s surface 地球表面

traffic accidents 交通事故

Section B

fly a kite 放风筝

an international kite festival 国际风筝节

go on a vacation to … 去……度假

special forms of traditional art 特别的传统艺术形式

turn … into … 把……变成……

according to 根据

Chinese history 中国历史

sky lanterns 许愿灯

send … out 发送……

in trouble 处于困境;遇到麻烦

be covered with … 被 / 用……覆盖

rise into the air 升入空中

hot-air balloons 热气球

symbols of happiness and good wishes 幸福和美好愿望的象征

paper cutting 剪纸

put … on windows, doors and walls 把……贴在窗户上、门上和墙上

Chinese clay art 中国泥塑艺术

fairy tale 童话 / 神话故事

historical story 历史故事

at a very high heat 在高温下

be used for doing sth.(=be used to do sth.) 被用来做某事